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ISPS Handa World Golf Invitational

Event Traffic Management for DP World Tour Golf Tournament Held Across Two Golf Courses

The Problem:

The ISPS Handa World Golf Invitational is the largest non-touring professional golf event in Northern Ireland, having risen through the world golf tours to as of 2021 be a full tour event in the DP World Tour (formerly European Tour). With the primary site located at Galgorm Castle Golf Club, a secondary site as Masserene Golf Club in Antrim has to be utilised to accommodate the large number of golfers.

The Challenge:

Both the Galgorm Castle Golf Club and Masserene Golf Club are in semi-rural settings with limited public transport capability and no public car parking space available onsite. As the event has increased in popularity to attract 40,000 persons annually, this requires a highly creative and bespoke Traffic Management Plan to be put in place to manage all aspects of Traffic Management and transport to and from both event sites.

Our Solution:

Having been providing the Event Traffic Management since 2014, we have been able to grow the Traffic Management Plan with the event each year and take a long-term approach to solving some of the solutions, such as access to car parking for the public.

Our Traffic Management is split into two teams, both led by our Event Traffic Managers due to the geographic distance between each site.

Galgorm Golf Club – The majority of the public attending the Galgorm site will be directed to the venue via their SatNav device which will take them past all the public parking option put on for the event. We have designed a robust signage plan for all key approaches, including the M2 motorway, which clearly instruct drivers to follow event signs to the correct parking location.

Close to the event site, we have a variety of pass holder car parks, minor road closures, lane closures, roundabout closures and parking restrictions which keep traffic flowing at all times.

Masserene Golf Club – This event site at the end of a dead-end road, controlling access to this road is crucial especially as the main road is a known accident blackspot. To do this we install a lane closure to prevent right turns across oncoming traffic into the road. We also install a Stop/Go system to control traffic exiting the event access road to prevent build-up of traffic conflicting with arriving vehicles.

In total this event requires the deployment of 2,000 No Parking Cones, 3,000 Traffic Cones, 67 Traffic Management Stewards, 6 Traffic Management Supervisors and 4 Traffic Managers to ensure the public can get to and from the event safely without disrupting local residents and business access to both sites.

In addition to this, our Belfast Head Office produced over 250 bespoke Advanced Notice and Event Directional Signage for all road speeds from 30mph to Motorway for deployment across the greater Antrim, Galgorm and Ballymena area.

Services Deployed:

ü Traffic Management Planning
ü Event Directional Signage
ü Car Park Management
ü Internal Traffic Management & Signage
ü Road Closures & Diversion Routes
ü Parking Suspensions
ü Emergency Traffic Management
ü Emergency Services Access Routes